Seijo Kaede Juku

Four Missions of Seijo Kaede Juku 

1.          Seijo Kaede Juku is aiming at an afterschool facility to nurture human resources who can actively play a role in international community as a citizen of the globe. 

2.          Seijo Kaede Juku helps children to form habits that make them have genuine scholastic ability and cultivate their aesthetic sentiments.  

3.          Seijo Kaede Juku limits the number of children to stay, optimizes the learning environment, and provides individualized support, so that their parents can feel safe, secured, and convenient.

4.          Seijo Kaede Juku continuously improves the nurturing system aiming at an ideal environment for children according to its principles for education, the experiences by the teachers and the needs of the parents.  

Representatives: Takako Kato, Sumire Kato

Seijo Kaede Juku is an after-school child care that allows children to spend time as if they are at home. For school age children, time to spend at home is a key to growing children’s talent and support at home is indispensable. However, the time when children enter an elementary school is the busiest time for parents. Seijo Kaede Juku offers enjoyable “time at home” that will be a source of growth for children.

Takako Kato

She graduated from the Tokyo College of Music. Her major was piano. After marriage, she raised two children. When her husband worked at University of Iowa, she also lived in Iowa City for 8 months. Through these experiences, she realized that self-learning at home and English learning are important for children, and opened Seijo Kaede Juku in 2015.

Sumire Kato

She graduated from Faculty of Humanities, Sophia University and got teacher’s license for junior high school and high school. She completed the training course for after school support staff. She has been doing Extensive Reading (Tadoku) of English.

What is Seijo Kaede Juku?

At Seijo Kaede Juku, children can spend time as if they are at home. They can work on their homework, Tadoku, piano lesson, reading, etc. Seijo Kaede Juku is aiming at cultivating their self-learning habits, intellectual curiosity, interests for history and science, artistic sense, and so on.



  • Seijo Kaede Juku can accept children from 8:00 to 23:00, Monday to Friday. (Maximum number of children we can accept at the same time is 6.)
  • We can also accept children on Saturdays, from 8:00 to 23:00, but this is only for regular users who use Seijo Kaede Juku at least once per week on weekdays.
  • When necessary, night care is also possible.
  • Children can go to another Juku (private tutoring school) or sports lesson during the stay in Seijo Kaede Juku.
  • On the way home, we can send your child from Seijo Kaede Juku to the bus stop (Sougou Kouka Koukou Mae) without charge

Children can enjoy Extensive Reading (Tadoku) (no extra charge for regular users)

  • Children can enjoy picture books in English.
  • Many English books are available.
  • An experienced staff instructs the Extensive Reading (Tadoku).
  • For those who regularly use Seijo Kaede Juku, we can lend books.



* Spot-users cannot use those books.

Child Care Fee

Seijo Kaede Juku opens Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays, national holidays, Obon (mid August), Year End and New Year holidays.

Regular use fee

once a week or more, within six hours between 8:00 to 23:00: 3250 yen/day.

・Book club fee: 3000 yen/month

・Facilities usage fee: 1000 yen/month

Extension fee: 400 yen/30 minutes

Spot use: Within six hours between 8:00 to 23:00: 5500 yen/day

Trial fee: Within six hours between 8:00 to 23:00: 3250 yen/day(including a snack)

* Emergent use due to irregular weather, class closure due to influenza epidemic, or disruption to train services is possible only for regular users.


  • piano lesson (500 yen/15 minutes).



Seijo 9 Chome, Setagaya, Tokyo.
Close to the Bus stop, “Seijo Kouka Koukou Mae”.
For security reasons, the address and telephone number are not disclosed.


For visit or inquiry, please contact to Takako Kato,